Healthy Living Club raises awareness on student health


Camille Kay

Emma Wang and Alice Finkelstein, freshmen at Carlmont, color a mood tracker to display their emotions throughout the month.

Healthy Living Club explains the importance of having good health to its club attendees. The club focuses on many different topics related to health and includes lesson plans such as fun coloring activities and debates. 

School can be incredibly stressful, especially when students have after school sports or activities, piles of homework to do, difficult AP classes, and a social life. 

Healthy Living Club’s goal is to educate students who are interested in learning about the different aspects of health and how to cope with stress. The club is composed of different units, including nutritional health, environmental health, mental health, and sleep health. 

The club leaders do a lot of research on these units ahead of time to present the best information to club attendees.

“We’ll use credible research websites and put the information in a more concise form. We will then make a presentation or give out handouts to provide additional general information for students,” said Carolyn Wang, a junior at Carlmont and club president. “Then, we’ll have a discussion where students can participate based on the research.” 

Meetings are held every Monday in room D-1 at lunch. The current topic the club is discussing is about mental health, and club leaders plan to collaborate with the Change To Mind Club. Some activities include mood trackers to display how the club attendees feel throughout the month, discussions with questions and personal experiences about the topic, and peaceful coloring activities.

Art and coloring therapy reduces stress and provides a positive distraction, which can improve one’s mental health. This is an example of a topic that might be covered in a lesson. Information such as this is essential for people who are dealing with a lot of stress. 

“This club is significant to the Carlmont community because it addresses topics that help students to be aware of what it takes to be healthy so that they can perform at their very best,” said Kylie Madson, a teacher at Carlmont and the club advisor.

The club’s atmosphere is a relaxing setting, which is helpful when covering heavy topics. 

“It’s very relaxed, and I like how the club leaders put in a lot of effort into their research,” said Elle Brough, a junior at Carlmont. 

The club is not exclusive, as all students are more than welcome to attend and share their perspectives. 

“I just like how comfortable they make everyone feel about sharing their ideas as well as their presentations, which offer great visuals,” said Maya Lip, a junior at Carlmont. 

The club leaders create an all-inclusive atmosphere with fun activities every week.

“I love the fun activities Healthy Living Club does. There’s a perfect sense of camaraderie,” said Madson. “It’s awesome.”