Heritage Fair assembly is a success once again


Carlmont’s Swing Club performing in the Heritage Fair assembly

Melanie Hamaguchi, Staff Writer

The Heritage Fair assembly was a successful event and went on smoothly, receiving much praise from students.

This year’s Heritage Fair assembly, which was held on Feb. 28, featured many clubs performing in front of a school-wide audience. The Heritage Fair is organized by the Associated Student Body (ASB) and is held every year. The event provides a way for clubs and other groups to showcase their talents to others through performances.

Carlmont's Swing Club performing in the Heritage Fair assembly
Carlmont’s Swing Club performing in the Heritage Fair assembly

Many students enjoyed this year’s assembly as it allowed them to connect to the school in another way.

“All the school spirit really pumps you up,” said sophomore Kevin Shu.

 This year’s Heritage Fair included many performances from the clubs around Carlmont. Seeing all the diversity of the performances was a good way for fellow students to see how their hard their peers worked to perform smoothly. Seeing all the clubs performing in one assembly really provides a sense of school-wide unification as performers show off their abilities to their peers.

“The performances were all really good, they went really smoothly,” said Ukelele Club performer Justin Tsuchiyama.

This Heritage Fair featured exciting performances from a wide array of groups and clubs, such as Swing Club and Carlmont’s Drumline. The weeks leading up to the actual performances involved intense practices by all the performing clubs. The club performances featured very little error as a result of all the practice put into their performance.

“We were really happy with how [the Heritage Fair] turned out,” said ASB Assemblies Commissioner sophomore Annie Klups.

ASB was able to host a very good assembly, with other successes including smooth transitions between performances and upbeat hosts to keep the assembly flowing.

While the event was highly successful, there is always room for improvement.

“Next year I think we need more rehearsals for the performers,” said Klups.

The second assembly is generally better than the first because the performers have already had a full run through their performance. Increased rehearsals could further improve the performances and ensure the performers comfort when performing in the gym.

As another successful Heritage Fair assembly has come and gone, ASB can be content with their work and can look forward to planning next year’s assembly.

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