How to Survive High School Day 18: Navigating the Hallways


Getting to class on time can be tricky, especially if your classes are on opposite sides of the school. The key to sitting on your seat before the 1 minute bell rings is knowing which hallways are always crowded and which are less traveled.

C-hall is hands down the most crowded hallway. Not only is it lined on both sides with lockers, it is also right in the middle of the school.

If possible, avoid C-hall. It is always jam-packed with students. Groups of kids stop in the hall to talk, completely oblivious to the traffic build-up they create.

B- hall is cramped. Unless your class or locker is in B-hall, there’s no point in venturing through it. Simply pass through A-hall or the outdoor corridor instead.

D-hall is expansive and it’s a great route to take if you’re in a hurry. Although it’s a popular hallway, it is outdoors and large enough to avoid crowds.

The best way to get to U-hall is by taking the path behind E-hall. It is where some of the faculty and school buses park. This stretch of the school is expansive and roomy for lots of students to travel through.

It shouldn’t be hard to get to class on time if you know how to navigate the halls. Just avoid crowds and stay out of indoor hallways.f

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