How to Thrive After COVID-19 Arrives: Video conferencing in the wake of a pandemic



A drawing of the laptop of a video conference participant.

How to thrive after COVID-19 arrives is an informative blog with ideas intended to improve the lives of those who are stuck at home.

While COVID-19 has emptied the workplace, some may say that video conferencing technology is bridging the gap, overcoming the boundaries instituted by health officials.

Video conferencing software has the ability to bring teams of nearly any size together, letting groups communicate and collaborate. According to Google Trends, there has been increased interest in various video conferencing software during the past two weeks, where closures have begun to impact the average person’s daily routine. For example, both Zoom and Cisco WebEx have seen a considerable increase in Google searches during this time period:

As a result of the recent health order, all are expected to remain home but are nonetheless asked to conduct business as usual. While all conferencing software is similar, each software has its own advantages and drawbacks when compared to others.