Try Something New: Ice skating is not as scary as it seems


Hanna Kryhina

The ice resurfacer machine prepares the rink of Nazareth Ice Oasis for their next skating session.

Someone might ask you: What are your hobbies? 

It seems like such an innocent question. But take a minute, really think about it, do you have any hobbies?

Taking a look at my life, I would say that I have one hobby. Shocking, isn’t it?

Millennials are accused of not having hobbies. And, as a member of Generation Z, I would say we don’t have any either.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make myself try something new or rekindle an old hobby. 

The discovery

It was a typical Saturday morning. I sat sorting the week’s mail after eating a late breakfast. 

The Belmont Parks and Recreation Activity Guide for the winter and spring season was in the stack. 

The picture of double cherry blossoms at Twin Pines Park on the cover caught me off guard. It was the middle of winter and way too early for those blossoms. 

I flipped through it carelessly, and then I turned back to the youth and teens section to see if this issue included anything interesting for my age group.   

There was a beginner ice skating class listed for the new year. 

The flashback

I had always dreaded going ice skating because I was terrible at it. But I almost had no choice. 

I went to elementary school in a small city that had an ice skating rink. It felt like every birthday party happened there. 

At that time, my mom still forced me to be “social” and go to all the gatherings that my classmates invited me to. So, I was always there.

My mom would help me get on the ice, but then I was on my own. 

My classmates seemed to know what they were doing and glided gracefully across the ice as they giggled with their friends. The parents huddled around the edge of the rink and “supported” us. 

I would just hold onto the railing for dear life as I took small, slow paces. Still, I fell dozens of times and had fun only during our hot chocolate breaks.

The reality

As I read the magazine, nothing had changed. I still did not know how to ice skate. 

I decided to take a risk and sign up for the session. The class was for beginners, so I felt confident that everyone would be just as uncoordinated as me.

Having finished the six-week session, I can officially say that I know how to ice skate. I know it sounds cliché, but I improved each week and gained confidence in being on the ice.

I could already skate without holding onto the railing after one class!

If you still think ice skating is scary, I can assure you; it isn’t. The basics are easy to learn, yet I still recommend that you take classes to get instruction from a professional.

Just remember to keep your knees bent and lean forward, and you’ll be all set. 

And wear gloves!

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