The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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It takes a village

The spirit day themes can be seen written across the quad steps.

Spirit week has come to Carlmont for the 2013-2014 school year, and it is going to reflect the hard work of the Associated Student Body (ASB) members who combined their efforts to put it together.

Sophomore and ASB Assembly Commissioner Annie Klups said, “[Homecoming] is a huge process,” and “every commission is involved in it.”

Similarly, sophomore and ASB Human Relations Commissioner Cailan Cummings said that homecoming and spirit week are truly group efforts. “A lot of the rest of the year depends on the success of homecoming, which means a lot of people put a lot of time and effort into planning it.”

Specifically, the Publicity Commission has had the responsibility of designing and making all the posters and signs that can be seen around the school.

Cummings said the Publicity Commission “is constantly making posters, flyers, and decorations to put around the school even weeks before the actual homecoming.”

Additionally, the Finance Commission has the important, yet less appreciated, job of managing ASB funds, and allowing homecoming and all the other spirit week activities to happen.

Then there are the more well known commissions like the Assembly and Dance Commissions.

The Assembly Commission spent a lot of time planning the homecoming assembly in order to make it enjoyable for the whole student body.

Klups said, “We [assembly commission] plan every assembly, and they are all student run.”

Junior Vice President Adam Cobb said, “The Assemblies Commission has been planning the timing and scripting for the assembly on Thursday since our last assembly.  They have to make sure all of the performers are excused and the order of acts is finalized so it all runs smoothly.”

The Dance Commission has been busy planning this year’s white-out themed homecoming dance.

Dance Supervisor Megan Guillermo said, “Dance Commission is in charge of talking to decorators and DJs to hire for the dance,” and that they also “get different clubs to get involved with homecoming.”

Class officers also play an important role in homecoming and spirit week preparations.

Each class’ president and vice presidents collaborate to come up with spirit day themes like this year’s pajama day and “what not to wear” day. Also under their supervision is the decoration and theming of the floats that can be seen at half-time at the homecoming football game.

Cobb said, “The floats are a big job in terms of planning the theme, obtaining a truck, and purchasing decorations.”

ASB not only wants school clubs to get involved, but all the students at Carlmont.

Some opportunities for students to participate in spirit week are Powderpuff, held everyday at lunch, and of course the spirit days themselves.

Cummings said Powderpuff “is also a huge effort with organizing teams, practices, uniforms, games, and other things.”

Sophomore and ASB member Sam Levy said, “I like what not to wear Wednesday, because it gives people a chance to show their creativity, as well as Scots day because it is great to see so many people at school being proud to show their school spirit.”

Levy also said that spirit week provides “many fun ways for people to express themselves, and show school spirit without even realizing it.”

On pajama day Monday many students could be seen walking the halls in their comfy sleep attire, supporting their school in the process.

It is the hope of many ASB members that this high level of spirit continues.

Cummings stated, “When people participate in something fun like school spirit days, it encourages them to keep up that involvement throughout the year, because its fun and satisfying to be involved in Carlmont.”

Likewise, Klups said, “Spirit week sets the tone for the rest of the spirit throughout the year,” and she said, “I want to make it even more spirited than last year… which is going to be hard because last year was pretty fun.”

Overall, it is important for the student body to take a second to recognize ASB and everything that they do to make spirit week the “biggest week of the year” according to Cummings.


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Alex Wildman, Staff Writer
Staff writer for Carlmont High School journalism.

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It takes a village