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Celine Yang

Jocelyn Wang

“My parents sold our house in the Mission San Jose district in Fremont and we moved when I was in the middle of elementary school. A lot of people wondered why because it’s a really academically driven area. My classmates’ parents would ask my parents, ‘Why would you go? Your house is so centrally located.’ They couldn’t fathom why my parents would choose what they did, but I’m glad they did. Here, if you and your family were going on vacation for a couple days, it’s not a big deal and teachers would be like, ‘Oh, where are you going?’ But if you take a break over there, teachers kind of frown upon that, even if it’s technically okay. Even though it was elementary school, it’s like everyone was competing with each other. My parents wanted us to have a better balance of academics and other activities like the arts and clubs, and Carlmont has given us that.

– Jocelyn Wang, a junior


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