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Trevor Douglis, a senior, takes a shot during a Carlmont lacrosse game.
Collegiate sports prove to be the ultimate trophy
Soleil Dam, Staff Writer — December 1, 2020

The ultimate dream for most student-athletes is playing at the collegiate level. However, the college recruiting process is extensive and often difficult. As a result, many athletes get recruiting help to ease the difficulty.  "I'd say the process is pretty hard because there is no one set way to...

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A biker and a hiker cross paths on Rambler Trail in Water Dog Lake Park.
Mixed-trail use in Belmont spurs controversy
Kenzo Peraire and Hayes Gaboury November 30, 2020

Belmont's open space trail systems always have been designated for mixed trail use; however, this may be subject to change in the foreseeable future. There have been numerous concerns about pedestrians and bicyclists sharing trails, but the validity and significance of these concerns are uncertain.  "We...

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Brad Croshal, a senior and baseball player, suits up before the workout.
Baseball swings back into the preseason
Enzo Carvalho, Staff Writer — November 26, 2020

Carlmont’s baseball team is working with COVID-19 safety guidelines and beginning preseason workouts in preparation for their possible playing season in March. The pandemic has affected the entire world, and especially the realm of sports. In sports, social distancing has made it difficult for players...

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Sophomore football player Arman Agarwal talks with head coach Eric Rado about his progress throughout the season.
Athletes persevere through injuries
Ryan Holoyda, Staff Writer — November 23, 2020

Throughout human history, people have been getting injured. However, it is only now that we have a new understanding of what injuries are, how to fix them, and how to avoid them.  In the past, even the simplest of injuries had serious consequences. Nowadays, people like Arman Agarwal and Alec Arnow,...

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Though COVID-19 has affected all aspects of Carlmont sports training, the varsity softball team has persevered in their fall training season.
Varsity softball swings through the offseason
Rachel McCrea, Staff Writer — November 20, 2020

Though health and safety regulations continue to dictate the operation of Carlmont athletics, varsity softball has been able to keep up their fall training.  Softball is a spring sport at Carlmont, but the team usually begins strength training and conditioning in September, months before the season...

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Oliver Crawford-Shelmadine, a senior on the team, practices shooting in his own lane.
Water polo adapts to an age of social distancing
Izaan Masud, Staff Writer — November 18, 2020

Water polo is a team sport. Not only that, but it is an intrinsically physical sport. Players face off, compete for zones, attack, and defend small sections of the pool. All of this requires coordination with teammates, refined technique, and peak physical fitness. However, these principles come...

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Jasyn Chidester (left), Carlmont
Jasyn Chidester is more than just an athletic trainer
Joshua Baxter, Staff Writer — November 13, 2020

When Jasyn Chidester became Carlmont's certified athletic trainer in 2019, he set out to provide the best possible program and ensure athletes remain healthy. A San Mateo native, Chidester grew up near Carlmont, going to high school at Hillsdale before moving onto the College of San Mateo (CSM). One...

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Remi Vernon, a junior, styles for the camera on the "Step Up".
Four amazing mountain bike upgrades for conquering Belmont trails
Hayes Gaboury and Kenzo Peraire November 10, 2020

In most action sports, upgrading gear is a prominent aspect of each sport. In mountain biking at least, aftermarket parts and brand new upgrades can mean the difference between a comfortable outing or a potential disaster. In many ways, upgrading your mountain bike is a rebirth, and in some cases,...

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Ella Yee, a sophomore, sports her Scots gear in an at-home practice as she prepares for the upcoming school season.
Some student-athletes do not have an offseason
Soleil Dam, Staff Writer — November 10, 2020

Although most student-athletes at the high school level play club and school sports, some have a preference. A percentage of student-athletes play one or the other because they feel one team has more benefits, such as stronger bonds between players or a reduced chance of injury.  "[In school] it's...

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Players must wear masks and bring their own basketballs to preseason practices.
Carlmont girls dribble through COVID-19
Anna Passos and Elena Eng November 6, 2020

Like most teams at Carlmont, the girls basketball program is dealing with the challenges of preparing for their season with COVID-19 protocols. Currently, the school and coaches take players’ temperatures before every practice. They check for fevers, and players fill out cautionary forms. The girls...

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