Winter Concert comes to Carlmont


John Dabaldo stepping aside to let Jazz Band play on their own.

Dominic Gialdini, Highlander Editor

John DaBaldo stepping aside to let Jazz Ensemble play on their own.

The Performing Arts Center came alive with music when Carlmont’s String Orchestra, Concert Band, and Jazz Ensemble took to the stage on the second night of  the Carlmont Winter Concert.

While each instrumental group had something positive to contribute to the concert, the one that stood out above the rest was Jazz Ensemble.

Jazz Ensemble has always been saturated with talent, with members being chosen through audition. Only the best of the best are admitted into the extremely selective group of 20 or so students.

At the Dec. 7 concert, Jazz Ensemble, led by instrumental music teacher John Dabaldo, performed a variety of upbeat and fast-tempo charts that featured multiple soloists.

Going out with a bang, Jazz Ensemble’s closing song, Sammy Nestico’s “The Joy of Cookin,'” was by far the most impressive chart of the night.  Beginning with a technically demanding solo by pianist Christina Galisatus and followed up by tenor saxophonist Kaelen Ghandi’s improvised runs, the difficult music amazed many audience members.

Freshman Michael Lima said, “The jazz band was very good and the pieces were well practiced. I really liked it.”

Although successful, “The Joy of Cookin'” could have potentially ended in failure. Over the course of the song, percussionist Joshua Fagel’s sheet music teetered off the edge of his stand while he played the drums.

Luckily for Fagel, Allison Clark, the other percussionist, nonchalantly walked over, corrected the problem, and succeeded in attracting as little attention as possible. Fagel continued playing on the drum set, which allowed the rest of the ensemble to keep  time and to not get lost.

The passionately performed music Jazz Ensemble plays is reflective of the group’s love of jazz. Sophomore and alto saxophonist Mitchell Wright stated before the concert, “Jazz really fuels the soul.”

Sophomore Michael Bereket, a trumpet player, added, “Jazz band is a great chance to relax, have fun playing music, and spend time with some friends during the school day.”