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SDTA shared a press release detailing their concerns with Dr. Streshly.

Staff votes ‘no confidence’ in superintendent

September 15, 2020

Teachers and administrators from the Sequoia Union High School District issued a Vote of No Confidence against the superintendent as they question her trustworthiness and actions...

Gov. Gavin Newsom describes California's plan to re-open the economy.

Post-Quarantine: When will this be over?

May 25, 2020

The world’s recovery process after this pandemic will take a while to return to normal, but how long will that be?  Governor Gavin Newsom has made several public announcements to k...

For the future

May 24, 2020

Climate change is not a new idea. It has been discussed by scientists, politicians, and young people like Thunberg for almost a century. Yet, there has been a consistent lack of progress and action taken to prevent entire ecosystems from falling apart.  The reason why companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods (which were founded relatively recently) can take off is because they found an innovative way to...

The world is what you eat

May 24, 2020

When Greta Thunberg started protesting outside of the Swedish parliament building, she had one goal in mind: to reduce climate change worldwide. She quickly became a symbol for people of all ages to rise up and push against tradition, the law, and common beliefs. She inspired millions, and, although not directly inspired by Thunberg, companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are working tow...

The inner workings of a plant-based company

May 24, 2020

If a burger isn't made out of meat, then what is it made out of? Jessica Appelgren, the vice president of communications at Impossible Foods, has fielded this question countless times. After the release of Impossible Burger 2.0 in 2019 and their nationwide partnership with Burger King (amongst other fast-food chains), the quality of Impossible Burger has been questioned. According to Vox, Whole F...


May 21, 2020

With the new wide-angle camera on the iPhone, landscape shots can capture a lot more of the scenery than before. In good lighting, the iPhone can also pick up more details, creating an all-around high-quality photo.  For instance, the iPhone picture above looks similar to the one by the DSLR, even on the horizon and in the background. Also, the blues in the sky and water are much more dramatic than in the DSLR.  “Everyone has a pretty dang good camera in their pocket at all times now. It will be interesting to see how close [iPhones] can get to being a fully functional c...

Portrait Mode

May 21, 2020

Portrait mode was introduced to the iPhone in 2016 and has improved a lot since then. Apple’s software creates a shallow depth of field, which is the blurriness people seem to like. It can capture a lot of details in the face but often has trouble with creating bokeh — the smooth blur — around the subject. iPhone Portrait mode also adds a filter over one’s face, which cleans up impurities. But, this may make parts of the photo look unnatural. “Portrait mode still needs a lot of work for it to be as believable as that of a DSLR or a mirrorless [camera] with a portrai...

Night Mode

May 21, 2020

Night mode is a new feature that was released with the iPhone 11, and it’s mainly used in low-light situations. The image sensor reads the light differently, allowing one’s photos to become more luminous and detailed even if there is no light around. Apple has also implemented the option to use up to a 10-second shutter speed, which makes the photo a lot brighter. However, most DSLR cameras can go beyond 30 seconds for shutter speed. “Night mode is incredible, but you can’t do it on the wide-angle yet which kind of sucks because the wide-angle is so good on the iPhone...

Bulldog Pride

May 17, 2020

Aside from transferring, another option for EPA students can be found right in their backyards. Approximately 320 students decided to go to EPAA for the 2019-20 school year, a small learning community within the district. The principal of EPAA, Amika Guillaume, stresses three main factors throughout a student's four years at EPAA. The first factor is "Bulldog love." "This idea that you have to...

Attractions of Carlmont

May 17, 2020

Even though the commute from EPA to Carlmont is lengthy, the opportunities it presents continues to draw students away from East Palo Alto Academy (EPAA). For example, according to Max Prep, EPAA lacks several sports teams. The numerous sports teams that Carlmont has to offer are reasons why many students leave their community in EPA. Another reason why students leave EPA is because of the e...

The Effects of Ravenswood High School

May 17, 2020

Due to the low income of families in EPA, schools aren’t able to receive a large amount of fundraising. Forty years ago, this was a significant factor in why schools weren’t able to run. Beginning in the 1980s, after Ravenswood High School in EPA shut down due to low enrollment and financial constraints, the district decided to distribute the students that were attending Ravenswood to the other...

Social Economics

May 17, 2020

The number of minority students at Carlmont falls every year, partly due to the Belmont and San Carlos community's housing prices.  According to Zillow, the average home value in this area is approximately $1.7 million. This housing price for most families is unattainable, especially for families that make a low income.  The average income for families that live in East Palo Alto (EPA...

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