Key Club strives to better the community


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Angelina Castillo, ScotCenter News

Key Club is the largest international leadership organization for teenagers. With 5,000 clubs in 30 nations, Key Club groups like the Carlmont Key Club work to contribute to over 12 million hours of service each year.

Senior Madison Norman said, “I joined freshman year, it’s a good way to help out in the community. I’m also in the California Scholarship Federation which requires community service hours, and Key Club hours can transfer over.”

Senior Elizabeth Murphy, Vice President of Key Club, said, “I joined Key Club my sophomore year because I wanted to be more involved at Carlmont. I knew that Key Club was a service club, and I thought it would be fun to do with my friends.”

Senior Pareesa Darafsi said, “I joined in freshmen year because I was looking for a community service club. I had done things like Key Club before, and I wanted to continue it through high school. I also joined Key Club specifically because I had heard about the different types of events that they do, like the ones around the holidays, and that sounded really interesting to me.”

Carlmont’s Key Club has volunteered in events from The Special Olympics to sorting food at Second Harvest Food Bank.

Norman said, “We help out at a lot of local events such as sorting food at Second Harvest Food Bank in San Carlos, wrapping toys for gift drives during Christmas time, and events in San Carlos such as Hometown Days and Goblin walk at Halloween.”

Darafsi said, “I mostly participate in the Second Harvest Food Bank events because they happen more frequently, but I also try to do the events during the holidays like the gift wrapping.”

Many people have reasons for joining this club, some want to help the community and some enjoy doing it with friends.

Darafsi said, “I think the main benefit is to have an opportunity to serve the community without going and searching for things on your own. If service is something that interests you it is easier to sign up for an event that the club offers than it is to find opportunities on your own time.”

Norman said, “It feels good to help out other people and it can also be fun to volunteer with some of your friends.”

Murphey said, “In key club we have meetings every other Thursday. We discuss new volunteering opportunities for members. Some examples are helping with the harvest food bank, Kiwanis club, and beach clean ups. We also have monthly meetings with key clubs from other schools.”