Litter reduction program started


Anya Meredith

Garbage left behind by Carlmont students.

Anya Meredith, Staff Writer

Many feel sympathy for the animals they see in the Dawn dish soap commercials affected by trash.

When people see pictures of third world countries cluttered by trash, they often feel pity.

But at the end of the day, is Carlmont any better?

Everyday at end of lunch, Carlmont’s hallways and eating areas are strewn with trash.

The Associated Student Body and leadership class are hoping to raise awareness on the issue of trash by dedicating a week to it.

“We hope that trash awareness week will encourage students to pick up their trash after lunch so that the school looks cleaner and encourages students to be more Eco-friendly,” said sophomore leadership student Nour Zebaneh.

Zebaneh and other leadership and ASB students hope to inspire Carlmont students to actively participate.

“We want to make Carlmont a clean school with a campus we can be proud of. We want it to look neat,” said Zebaneh.

To promote trash awareness week, leadership is making posters while setting a good example.

“We are making posters out of newspapers that were left on the ground and we’re laminating them so they last longer,” said sophomore leadership student Brett Fitzpatrick.

Leadership is also making plans for encouraging students to become more aware of trash.

“Over winter break, we are planning on painting the trash cans bright colors to make students more aware of where the trash cans are,” said Fitzpatrick.

Students are not the only people affected by litter on campus.

“The janitorial staff cleans up from the morning, until 3:00 everyday,” said Administrative Vice Principal of 9th and 11th Grades, Jennifer Cho.

Cho explained that the janitorial staff works all day to keep the campus clean.

“The janitorial staff start their day in the morning by unloading the trash and then move on to cleaning graffiti and dealing with classroom issues. After lunch, they spend their time from then until 3 p.m. cleaning up trash from lunch,” said Cho.

Cleaning up after oneself during trash awareness week, and hopefully from then on, can help Carlmont become a more Eco-friendly school

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