Logic’s new album, ‘Bobby Tarantino II’ is meaningless but amazing


Greg Noire for Rolling Stone

Logic performs for the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City on June 4, 2017.

Katrina Wiebenson, Staff Writer

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, more commonly known as Logic, has been showcasing his constant struggle to find his identity through his music.

His previous album, “Everybody,” presented his struggle with race, view of humanity, and depression, which showed how he was able to relate to many people. This particular album was by far the more meaningful one when compared to his other works.

His latest album, “Bobby Tarantino II,”  is the complete opposite.

Logic’s carefree alter ego, Bobby Tarantino, helps the hip hop artist and his listeners take a break from the seriousness that he has shown in his last albums.

We see a side of Logic that we have never seen before — a careless, narcissistic “rap-god” that brags about his drugs and money in every track.

The lead track on the album, “Grandpa’s Space Ship,” is a comedy skit between Rick and Morty from the popular television cartoon on Adult Swim. Morty attempts to convince his grandfather to put on Logic’s music on their spaceship, prompting Rick to ask, “Well are we talkin’ about mixtape Logic or album Logic?”

This prepares listeners for a different album than they’re used to from the artist as the starting track addresses the identity crisis he had previously received criticism for. His answer for his audience? He doesn’t know either.

Although this album may seem like a rushed and unhealthy way for Logic to demonstrate that he is a legitimate voice in hip hop, the album does have some quality songs.

In the second track on the album, “Overnight,” Logic explains how he is usually identified as a “corny” rapper, but his haters cannot deny that he is now getting recognition in the hip hop community: “Tell me how you really feel, how you really feel / All they ever do is hate the boy, but now they know the name.”

This song is backed up by a strong, catchy beat, allowing the song to become an automatic hit. In fact, most of the songs on the album are hits, such as “Everyday” and “44 More.”

“Bobby Tarantino II” is on its way to peaking at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200 for a good reason. The album presents Logic’s talent with many hits that will get stuck in your head for days.

The album may be meaningless, but the hit tracks make up for the lack of meaning, as it is also a refreshing break from emotional music that Logic has presented before.

[star rating=”4.5″]