Model UN preparing future world leaders


Deepti Bansal, president of the Model UN club, presenting her powerpoint to members.

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

Despite the rainy weather, many students piled into room D-22 to attend Model UN’s second meeting of the year. Model UN is a new club formed this year by Deepti Bansal to learn more about current events and experience solving real-life issues in different countries.

“I formed Model UN because they had it at my old school and I thought it was really interesting. I’m interested in international relations and politics. I believe it’s an important aspect of our life,” stated Bansal.

Model UN is a club where members can practice their debate, negotiation skills while learning more about global issues, current events, and politics. Each member picks a partner to solve a global issue at a conference in UC Berkeley in the spring.

At the upcoming conference, members can choose one of the following countries: Ethiopia or Palestine. Some categories that members can choose to compete in are World Health Organization, Food and Agriculture, and Disarmament and International Security.

The conference will allow members to debate against around 110 schools and discuss the issues their country has and how to solve it. Members will also have the opportunity to visit different universities to attend workshops and conferences.

Bansal hopes to attract more members to join Model UN and hope members can gain more insight on politics and current global issues.

“Model UN is a great club for people interested politics and if they want to practice / improve their debating skills. You don’t have to be interested in history or international relations to join. I believe it’s a cool idea how young teenagers like us can have the opprotunity to solve real global issues.  I hope we can have at least 30 members to attend the conference this spring,” stated Bansal.

Are you interested in joining Model UN? Meetings are held every Friday in room D-22 at lunch. Interested members can also check out their website at