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Sophomore Jono Sison energizes the crowd at the beginning of the annual homecoming assembly.

Homecoming assembly raises the bar for the ‘future’

October 28, 2019

As futuristic decor lined the walls and a sense of Carlmont spirit filled the air, the students crowded onto the bleachers of the Terry Stogner gym for the annual homecoming a...

The counselors see many students each day to talk about anything they need.

Counselors help Carlmont students choose their path

April 18, 2019

With the end of the school year fast approaching, counselors are finishing up their appointments with students regarding class options for next year. Counselors meet with around five to seven students per day for their appointments which can last up to 20 to ...

Using online scholarship finders can help find your best fit!

College is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be

March 1, 2019

The price people pay for a degree is equal to the price of purchasing a small home in Sacramento, California. But there are ways to decrease the amounts people pay for your e...

AirPods, a product manufactured by Apple, were released in December
 of 2016.

AirPods untangle the future of technology

February 5, 2019

AirPods are a game changer. Gone are the days of headphones getting caught while working out, spending forever connecting wireless headphones to cellular devices, and having...

Lily Gittoes leads a presentation on a DECA club event.

DECA members exceed expectations at regional competition

January 21, 2019

Many high school students lack critical skills needed for college and the real world such as management, organization, communication, and presentation skills, and in an increasingly ...

Found all around the Peninsula, electric vehicle charging stations are becoming more and more common.

Electric cars: the future of road travel

January 18, 2019

The ignition switches and the engine starts with a roar. A sheet of cold morning mist covers the air, and as you take a breath, steam escapes your mouth. Simultaneously, a dry smoke begins t...

Plastic straws are one example of a single-use food acessory that is planned to be banned in certain cities.

Cities make an effort towards a more environmentally friendly future

January 17, 2019

For many people, the turn of the new year marks the starting point for new goals and aspirations, whether it is to become more fit, save money, or something completely differe...

This utility box, located near Ralston Avenue, was painted by Chelsea Stewart, a volunteer artist. She spent many weeks working on it and was eventually reimbursed $250 for the supplies she used.

Utility box art brings color to Belmont

October 16, 2018

In order to make the utility boxes in Belmont more vibrant, the Belmont City Council and Parks and Recreation Commission have approved an art program. This program allows artists...

A student prepares for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) by doing practice tests.

Students start planning for their future by taking the SAT

May 11, 2018

High school strives to prepare students for the future. For some students, this could mean college, and an important aspect of preparing for that is the SAT. The Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT) is available for students to take m...

During their latest meeting in D22, the Investment Club discussed loans and insurance.

Investment Club teaches students to invest in their future

May 10, 2018

High school students often complain that they were taught that mitochondria is the power house of the cell but not taught how to do taxes. Carlmont students took initiative in promoting financial literacy and started an...

A Straight (half-white) male explains the gender pay gap

April 6, 2018

Joseph Gomez explains the many problems of the common gender pay gap.


Declining FOMF awaits revival

March 31, 2018

Friends of Millard Filmore (FOMF) is an organization that Carlmont students may have heard of, or maybe even looked down upon. As a research-based competition, its popularity h...

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