New spots opening in ASB

Brooke Buckley, Staff Writer

Next year, ASB has decided to have two classes; an Executive Council and a Service Council to accommodate more student participation in leadership.

The Executive Council consists of ASB class officers and is in charge of the school assemblies, dances, school spirit, lunchtime activities, finances, human relations, publicity, and media.

In order to be a part of the Executive Council students must run for class officer or interview to be a commissioner.

Executive Council member senior Raine Kerhin said, “The current kids in leadership who have proven their leadership ability… deserve to be considered part of student government.”

The Service Council will be in charge of green, Do Something, Believe In You, Reach Out, publicity, and video.

ASB teacher Jim Kelly said, “Two weeks ago, the Executive Council voted to expand ASB by adding another branch to be called Service Council. The new section of ASB has essentially come about because of a group of students who have taken a leadership class from me for the past two years. They have proven themselves to be excellent student leaders worthy of the title ‘Student Government.’”

To become apart of the service council students must interview to be a commissioner.

“Service Council will plan and produce what are called in ASB lingo, ‘low-trust’ and ‘marking’ activities for the student body,” said Kelly.

Due to the new Service Council, 35 spots are open for students who want to be involved in ASB.

“We wanted to give more kids the opportunity to better our Carlmont community with more service based projects,” said Kerhin.

There will be an informational meeting held for class officers on Feb. 5, and an informational meeting for commissioner positions on March 4. Both meeting will be held in the ASB room, A8.