Preparing for the school play


Miranda Irwin

The school play “You Can’t Take It with You” is being performed this week in the Performing Arts Center.

Miranda Irwin, Staff Writer

Carlmont students will soon perform their own rendition of the comedic play “You Can’t Take It with You,” which is about the lives of families living in the 1930s.

Students participating in the play auditioned for their parts about two months ago, and have since been preparing. They hold practices after school, and the leads of the play are there almost every day rehearsing for hours.

“I have been in a few of the plays before. This time I’m playing the Grandpa. It’s fun but it’s a lot of work and rehearsal hours leading up to the show,” said senior Gabe Lorvan.

The week before and of the play, the cast does full run-throughs of their performance. This includes complete costuming, make-up, lighting, and set changes so they can get a feel for what the actual performance will be like.

“Preparing for the play is crazy, weird, and fun, mostly because that’s what all of the people who participate in the plays [are like],” said junior Dana Reynolds.

The week leading up to the play can be stressful for some students. Given the timing of the play, a lot of kids have other school work that they are focused on, and for a lot of seniors, this is crunch-time for college applications.

“I love going to the plays. It must be hard balancing out schoolwork and rehearsals as well as other activities though, because I know it’s even hard for me to find time to get out and watch the play,” said senior Andrew Wach.

While plays may seem like just a story being told in a comedic manner, there is sometimes much more to it.

“Everything going on in the play may seem surface-level, but there is a deeper meaning to a lot of it. For example, the play portrays the idea that there is more to life than working,” said Lorvan.

“You Can’t Take It with You” is full of energy, music, lighting, costuming, and interactions between characters and the audience. This play portrays more than just a surface-level story, it shows the importance of families and accomplishing something much more meaningful.