Preview: Super 8

Preview: Super 8



[media-credit id=13 align=”alignleft” width=”200″][/media-credit]When creating an alien movie, there are two roads you can take:

You could opt for a friendly alien movie, where the alien is misunderstood by the government and only seeks peace. This alien meets helpful humans who aide in its protection until the government is no longer a threat.

The second option is less “I am Number 4” and more “War of the Worlds.” This option shows an alien invasion, where human lives are sacrificed to alien appetite.

The movie “Super 8” is advertised as the latter. The movie is set in 1979 an Ohio town, where ever since a suspect train crash, mysterious things have been happening. The air force train crash was only witnessed by a group of teenagers, who find themselves in the middle of the conspiracy.

However, just because “Super 8” is advertised as a scary movie doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to end.

An alien invasion movie might have proven popular in the 50’s, but with the average movie goer craving extensive twists and plot changes, this type of movie doesn’t seem that likely.

Whether “Super 8” will live take after its commercials or if it will twist the plot still remains to be seen, but a plot twist seems more probable.



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