Prom brings back normalcy, even with vaccine mandates


Emma Yin

Prom flyers are being put up around school to advertise the Starry, Starry Night Prom on April 29.

One of the biggest social events in a high schooler’s life is prom and, with the pandemic winding down, prom is back again, although its organizers are continuing to be cautious with vaccine checks and mask mandates.
This year’s Prom, with the theme “Starry, Starry Night,” will be held at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, on Friday, April 29, from 7-11 p.m.
The Academy of Sciences is not only a museum, aquarium, and planetarium, but also has 15 reception venues available for events.
“I think the main reason for [holding prom at the Academy of Sciences] is because it’s a beautiful location, and proms in past years have also been held there, so we are familiar with the layout and have a contract with them,” said sophomore Kavita Vaish, who is part of the Associative Student Body (ASB) Dance Commission, which is in charge of prom planning.
As a safety precaution, there will be vaccine card checks by the Academy staff. Masks are optional, but Carlmont’s staff highly encourages them.
If one is not vaccinated, a negative COVID test, tested within 48 hours is also acceptable.
In addition to pandemic safety precautions, bag checks and pat-downs will also be required. Only clear bags and one-gallon zip lock bags are allowed within the premises. Gum, mints, food, and drinks are not allowed as food and drinks will be provided. Security will be present, expecting to check-in about one thousand students.

[Prom] made me feel more connected to my class and it was nice to have a sense of normalcy during such an uncertain time.”

— Maggie Pavao

Now, after COVID-19 moved school online, Carlmont is starting to return to a state of normalcy, with mask-off policies and now with prom.
“I only got one year of prom so I think it made me appreciate it more. It was fun to see people all dressed up before we graduated. It made me feel more connected to my class and it was nice to have a sense of normalcy during such an uncertain time,” said Maggie Pavao, a Carlmont alumna and freshman at Bryn Mawr College.
Looking forward, the Prom of 2022 has had lots of planning and anticipation, especially after two years of online school.
“Prom to me is one of the biggest goals I could achieve in the academic school year, as a member of the dance commission for ASB. Our school cares so deeply about activities and fun events for students, that’s why they have funded ASB so we can do exactly that. It’s amazing to see months of planning pay off. It’s ultimately the best thing to see people smile,” Vaish said.