Prom taking Carlmont by storm

For the past several weeks, numerous students at Carlmont have been preparing for Prom.

Prom is primarily geared towards the juniors and seniors. However, if invited by an upperclassman, freshman and sophomore may attend as well.

“I’m excited for Prom!” exclaimed junior Shila Hasanoff. ” I like how people ask their dates in cute ways and how its really formal.”

Lately, many students at Carlmont have been asking their fellow classmates to go to Prom with them.

Some just simply ask, “Will you go to Prom with me?”

However, numerous students have asked their peers to go to Prom with them in creative ways.

Junior Hector Prado used a uinque tactic to ask his date to Prom.

“I got two packs of Post-Its and stuck them all over the windows of her car,” said Prado. “And then, I had a car paint pen and wrote all over her car as well, and I had a bouquet of flowers for her.”

This will be the final Prom for the seniors. Senior Matt Wood will be attending Prom for the last time.

“I am excited and sad because it means high school is over,” said Wood. “Prom is just a good way to end the year and start the summer. I think everyone should go because it is a lot of fun.”

Starting on April 16, the tickets for Prom will go on sale in the ASB room.

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