Protecting Animals Worldwide Club lends a paw to animals in need


Francesca D'Urzo

PAW Club President Soni Kanaya informs her club members about upcoming events during their regular Wednesday lunch meeting held in room S23.

Francesca D'Urzo, Staff Writer

Among the wide array of offered clubs, Protecting Animals Worldwide Club (PAW) is the only active animal-oriented club at Carlmont. It strives to educate students on pet safety and offers an abundance of animal service opportunities.

PAW Club is currently being led by Club President Soni Kanaya who shares her passion for helping animals with her fellow club members.

“I’ve been a pet owner all of my life, so animals have always had a special place in my heart,” Kanaya said. “I am also a huge advocate for proper pet safety and I want to spread awareness and educate students about the misconceptions of caring for an animal.”

During their lunch meetings, the club provides a presentation on a different aspect of pet ownership, followed by interactive discussions  regarding any questions or comments about the topic at hand.

Current PAW Club presentation topics include how to find the right food for your pet, how to handle different animal behaviors, the best ways to play with your pet, and countless others.

Sophomore Greta Foehr said, “I joined this club my freshman year and I learn something new every meeting. PAW Club has truly helped me understand my pet more and how I can improve overall as a pet owner.”

Additionally, the club provides service opportunities for students to volunteer at animal shelter, such as their monthly Rocket Dog Rescue event.

Sophomore Chloe Palarca-Wong said, “I have always been interested in working with animals when I get older and volunteering at these animal shelter events with PAW Club has been extremely eye-opening and inspirational for me.”

The club currently has 15 active members and is looking to expand their message on the importance of proper animal care in the Carlmont community.

“PAW Club is a welcoming environment for students to embrace their love for animals and learn more about the proper ways to care for a pet or an animal in need,” Kanaya said. “The volunteer opportunities our club offers are extremely beneficial for the students and especially for the sheltered animals.”

To get involved in PAW Club, attend one of their lunchtime meetings held every Wednesday in room S23.