Quarantine Things: Birthdays during quarantine


Yello, Pink, and Blue Party Balloons / Ylanite Koppens / Pexels / CC0

Some people decorate rooms in their house to create a more celebratory setting.

Although opinions on birthdays differ across the board, most people prefer to celebrate with their family and friends and make long-lasting memories. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it is a little harder to imagine a birthday celebration as we usually would. However, this unusual situation should not prevent anyone from celebrating another great year. Here are some things that you can still do to celebrate this special event while staying safe.

1. Try something new

It is your special day, so trying something new can make it even more meaningful. Whether you choose to wake up to watch the sunrise or stay up until the sun rises, you will get some new, memorable experiences that will help you cherish your birthday. Trying out new hobbies (even uncommon ones such as tape art or soap carving) can give you something fun to do either by yourself or with the whole family.  

2. Dress up for the occasion

At school, it is usually incredibly easy to spot someone with a birthday on any given day. People tend to look a little dressier than usual, have their hair done, and wear a new outfit. Although there is no “going to school” right now, there is no reason not to dress the part of “birthday boy” or “birthday girl.” Try out a new outfit; you can wear something funky or create a unique outfit by pairing things that you have never worn together before. Surprisingly, clothes that seem mundane can get a new life when paired with something unusual.

3. Bake a cake

Of course, it would be easier to buy a cake, but where is the fun in that? Right now, most bakeries have restricted access, and many people have so much time on their hands that they barely know what to do with it. Baking a cake for your birthday, whether you do it alone or with your family, can feel like a special moment to appreciate your own “holiday.” Moreover, baking can take hours, which will give you something fun to do, along with a sweet treat as a reward at the end.  

4. Family dinner

Even though this year’s birthday is different from all others, this day is still a good time to bond with your family and spend some time together. Although the quarantine has forced a little over a month of pure family interaction, it is still important to take time to build stronger bonds. Plus, family dinners usually result in some game or movie night, which might be just a perfect way to end the day. 

5. Zoom your friends

Although you are not able to see all of your friends in person, you can still spend time with them online. All your friends can wear matching caps or outfits to create an even more memorable screenshot. You can also “invite” your friends to dinner and save some space for your phone or computer at the table. 

Despite the fact that a birthday celebration during quarantine might not seem as exciting, it is still important to take time to celebrate this special event. After all, this birthday, just like all others, will most likely become a memorable part of your high school years.