Rainy days wash away students’ plans


Jackson Monge

Sophomore Christian Licudine checks the weather to see if he can still play basketball.

Jackson Monge, Staff Writer

Some students are seeing their plans canceled by the recent downpour that is hitting the Bay Area. The rain has affected most students in either a more subtle or noticeable way.

“The rain hasn’t been too much of a problem for me,” said junior Peyton Young. “Whenever I play soccer after school, the rain has little to no effect on games. The only real change I’ve made to my routine is that I don’t really ride my longboard too often anymore. It was my main way of a ride home, but the rain it makes it too difficult to ride it on a wet street.”

The rain has also made students reconsider their plans after school, and made it hard for some s to plan out activities after school.

“I used to go to a park to hang out with friends and play some football or basketball, but when it started to rain we would have to just stop, since it is a pain to play on the wet dirt and grass without cleats for extra grip. We would have to just go to someone’s house and chill there for awhile to see if the rain stops so we can continue where we left off,” said sophomore Jet Penne.

The rain can really start to have an effect on students’ happiness and daily schedules.

“Every Friday me and my friends head to Barrett to play some basketball, but if it rains we can’t play and we have to cancel our plans we made for the day,” said sophomore Christian Licudine. “If there is an upside, I guess it’s that I can watch Netflix and play video games for awhile since my plans for the day went down the drain.”

With various weather forecasts such as one from NBC Bay Area News predicting the coming days to be overcast with chances of rain, students will surely have to plan out activities carefully.