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Risk factors of skin cancer

February 8, 2023

Certain individuals have a higher risk of developing skin cancer, especially if they have burn injuries, the tendency to burn easily, and a significant amount of sun exposure. People with lighter skin tones are also more prone to developing skin cancer, but all people, regardless of skin tone, are at risk. 

Five letters by Kyra Lu

“My mother was never told that because I am a redhead, I am very susceptible to all skin cancer. I never wore hats or sunscreen as a child, so I would come back from swimming and have extreme sunburns,” Stark said. 

People with less melanin, or pigment, in their skin, are less protected from the damage of UV radiation because melanin helps block out UV rays. 

“Because I am a redhead, I have interesting cell structure and skin,” Stark said. “On a skin scale, I am at zero because I don’t have any melanin.” 

However, early detection can greatly increase the chances of curing it. By using the first five letters of the alphabet, melanoma can be identified.

Another way of identifying melanoma is through the Ugly Duckling. All moles look about the same, and finding one that is an odd one out can be a sign. For example, a large and dark mole that sticks out in a series of small and light moles. 

Protecting the skin as early as possible greatly decreases the chance of getting skin illnesses, but that should not keep people from going outside. 

“Don’t miss an opportunity to have a wonderful outdoor memory, but for sure put something between you and the sun,” Stark said. 

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