Samsung’s pricey new product have many in awe


Kevin Juarez, Staff Writer

Samsung recently put the third phone of of the Galaxy Note collection on the market,but they surprised many when they also released the Samsung Gear, a watch that is compatible with the phone.

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 3 with the choice of two colors, Jet Black and Classic White. These are the same colors they had in the previous two versions of the Galaxy Note. Meanwhile the Samsung Gear comes in a six colors: Jet Black, Classic White, Wild Orange, Rose Gold, Lime Green, and Mocha Grey.

“I think this is something new, unlike Apple  that uses the same phone but adds a little thing to it and introduces it as a whole new thing,” said senior Chris Gonzales.

Like the other Galaxy Note phones, the Note 3 includes a S Pen that is used to navigate through the phone. In addition, the Note 3 comes with a battery life that can last all day if you often use it .The Galaxy Note 3 comes with a wider screen than the previous version, going from the 5.5 inch display from the Galaxy Note 2 to a 5.7 inch display.

The Gear, which is considered the most innovative product, can notify you when you get text messages and be able to receive calls. Even though the battery life is not great, the Gear allows a person to do things they never were possible with a watch.

“I love the new watch, it makes me finally feel like those cool spies who can talk with their watch,” said senior RJ Caslow.

Both the Samsung Gear and Galaxy Note 3 are sold for $299.99 each.

“I think it is over priced and it does not do much for the $300 you are paying for, plus what you have to pay for the phone,” said senior Garret Boseck.

This is not the first phone that Samsung released this year. Earlier this year they released the fourth edition of Galaxy collection.

The Galaxy Note 3 and the Gear are expected to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5s as the most innovative phone of 2013.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is now available on Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T.