Say hello to Ms. Gleaton: Carlmont’s newest principal

Say hello to Ms. Gleaton: Carlmont’s newest principal

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Lisa Gleaton beamed brightly as she was announced to be the new principal of Carlmont High School.

As Jim Lianides, Superintendent of Sequoia Union High School District, proclaimed Ms. Gleaton as the principal, he said “it was very obvious to us that Lisa is capable of taking Carlmont forward with her vision and leadership skills.”

The board voted Gleaton to be principal in a “unanimous vote,” confirmed board president Chris Thomsen.

Gleaton was chosen out of a pool of 45 applicants. All of the applicants first went through an intensive interview process where they were interviewed by 12 Sequoia staff members and parents.

Then, the top three were selected to have one-on-one interviews with Mr. Thomsen. From there, they knew they had found the perfect candidate to lead Carlmont High School.

Ms. Gleaton is no stranger to Carlmont. Before, she worked at Sequoia High School’s Vice Principal, she was a Vice Principal and a teacher at Carlmont.

This gives her a huge advantage because she has worked on both sides of academia: teaching and administrative.

Gleaton has also maintained friendships with some of the teachers that used to be her coworkers.

Gail Langkusch, an English teacher at Carlmont, said “I am so happy for Carlmont… We really need someone like Lisa because she’s both an intellect and well-liked by students.”

“I look forward to coming back to Carlmont,” said Gleaton. “And I can’t wait to start wearing blue, because I am purpled out.”