Scots to celebrate Spirit Week


Posters all around school advertise the upcoming spirit week

Posters all around school advertise the upcoming spirit week

During the week of Oct. 15, 2012, Carlmont students will have the opportunity to dress up according to certain themes during Spirit Week. This week will include a competition between upper and lower classmen, and whoever has the most participants will win.

Emily Cox, a senior class officer in Associated Student Body explained that “all the class officers sat down and decided there would be a competition” and that “they picked out opposite ideas for the five days.”

This style of competition was attempted in 2010, with each class competing against each other. However, Emily Cox also explained that “they were too hard to keep track of” so they decided to “make the competition completely between upper and underclassmen.”

Kaela Ismael, a senior also in ASB says that the sense of competition will “get more people involved in spirit activities since there’s more of a goal to achieve and a positive outcome for them besides getting to dress up for school.”

The spirit week themes include: NFL vs MLB, cowboys vs aliens, nerds vs jocks, superheroes vs villains, and Friday is Scots day. The students in ASB will be keeping track of the competition by walking around at lunch and counting how many people are dressed up. Those results will then be totaled at the end of the week.

Students are responding positively to the ideas and themes of Spirit week. Sophomore Quentin Gachot says that he is “very excited” and “will dress up” for  Spirit Week.