Sneakers Pub and Grill

Sneakers Pub and Grill

[media-credit name=”Ryan Freeman” align=”aligncenter” width=”259″][/media-credit]Sneaker’s Pub and Grill is a family-oriented sports bar located on San Carlos Avenue in between Urbanization and Saffron Indian Bistro.

With high definition tvs and sports memorabilia covering every inch of wall space, this restaurant and bar should be on any sports fan’s bucket list.

Although the restaurant is based around the sports atmosphere, it is 100 percent a family restaurant with both an excellent kid’s menu and an abundance of booth seating.

When I eat at Sneakers, I either order one of the many well-made burgers or the pizza.  The pizza is pretty generic, except for the wide array of topping options, but where the restaurant really hits its stride is with the specialty burgers. From simple bacon or guacamole burgers to more extravagant options like the habanero or cowboy burger, there will definitely be a burger that is right for everyone.

The widely assorted menu provides good variety, but it causes a slight drop in quality as the kitchen has to be able to make  many different types of food.

If you plan on eating at the restaurant at during the peak hours (5:30-8:00) reservations are advisable, but any time outside that window usually permits immediate seating. (Seating may be scarce during big games)

In general, Sneakers is a fantastic restaurant for sports fans and families alike. With its great atmosphere and extensive menu, this restaurant aims to please any customer that walks in the door.

Overall: 4/5

Seating: large- booths and tabletops

Bar: full

Kids: yes

Service: excellent

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