Staff supports school spirit


Adriana Ramirez

There are fliers around the school promoting Spirit Week.

Adriana Ramirez, Staff Writer

Students went all out this year during Spirit Week, catching the attention of staff members around the school.

“I think Spirit Week is great. [This year showed] the most spirit I have seen in school in a long time. It has never been better,” said Instructional Vice Principal Ralph Crame.

Various office staff members enjoy Spirit Week, and many of them dress up.

“I think Spirit Week is awesome. It’s a great way for students and staff to show spirit,” said Registrar Vanessa Mora.

According to some staff members, dressing up during Spirit Week is meant to be fun. Instructional Vice Principal Secretary Sharon Bologna encourages students to dress up.

“I think it is great. It shows school spirit […] the more the better. I think it’s always good to have school spirit,” said Bologna.

Although dressing up shows school spirit, the staff encourage students to just be spirited in general.

“I think all the kids show school spirit. I don’t think [dressing up] should be required because it should be voluntarily and not forced,” said Mora.

Students have busy schedules involving either school or other activities outside of school. As a result, sometimes students are not properly informed about Spirit Week and that is where the teachers come in.

Attendance Clerk Irma Gomez said, “Teachers should encourage students to dress up and make contests.”

As well as informing students about dressing up, some teachers thought that students should be conscious about student promotions of Spirit Week.

“I really like the video that ASB made to promote Spirit Week. When I asked students, they said that none of their teachers showed it,” said Gomez.

With Spirit Week comes assemblies and activities during class time, at lunch, and the Homecoming dance on the weekend.

Crame said, “I think it’s a good distraction from some of the stress. It’s part of the overall high school experience.”

Assemblies are meant to be fun and inspiring for both, students and staff.

“I think school assemblies are super fun. Everyone can see the different programs that not everybody gets to see,” said Mora.

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