Students associate with school community through ASB


Nina Heller

Drum line performs as one of acts at the homecoming assembly, which is one of many activities ASB puts on.

Sam Hanlon, Staff Writer

From activities in the quad to cheering on Carlmont’s football team under the Friday night lights, the associated student body, better known as ASB, works to get students involved in the community at school.

“I love being in ASB because it feels so good to be a part of something that’s main goal is to spread positivity. I am in the reach out commission. In reach out, we work with the English language learners and special ed classes to make sure they have the best time possible,” said sophomore Kaija Villagrand.

Even though ASB’s main goal is to spread positivity and create a fun atmosphere at school, there are a number of challenges they face. According to ASB Vice President Tyrese Lopez, ASB’s biggest challenge is being unable to please everyone at Carlmont.

“[We try] to include everyone in what we do. However, it is our main goal to do our best and reach out to as many people as we can and create that welcoming and spirited community,” said Lopez.

ASB activities aren’t targeted toward any single group of people. The goal is for everyone to participate, have a good time, and make memories. Lopez also mentioned that ASB’s purpose is to make everyone enjoy coming to school and have a great high school experience.

According to ASB member Isabella Mattioli, being in ASB means being able to make a difference in the school.

“I love being able to see the work other commissions are doing as well because it makes me happy to see Scots giving back! Being in ASB means being committed to making the school a better place,” said Mattioli.

ASB strives to create a fun atmosphere for everyone so they will have a memorable high school experience. Through all the stress and tears high school might bring, everyone should be able to have fun.

“Seeing the joy and spirit coming from students is the best feeling because we are always working toward our goal of raising school spirit, and knowing that what we do works is the best reward we could ever get,” said Lopez.