Students ‘creep’ it real with spirited Halloween costumes


Sophia Deynega

Lise Teyssier, a sophomore, shows her friend, Anique Vachon, a sophomore, her skirt which she’s planning to wear for her Halloween costume.

With Halloween just around the corner, students are gathering clothes and ideas in order to make their perfect costume for school.

From fairy wings to cowboy hats, students are gearing up for Oct. 31, a day full of free candy, decorated houses, and of course, costumes. Many students at Carlmont are dressing up and could not be more excited to see their peers in their costumes.

“I think it’s a great tradition to just celebrate the festivities of Halloween with your peers. I’m excited to see all of my friends dress up,” said Leo Cappa, a freshman.

Many students find Halloween a fun way to raise school spirit and bring a new type of energy to the school. This holiday provides a less typical school day and eases the stress of grades and academics. The costumes bring a sense of enthusiasm to school and give students a way to express themselves.

Sophia Morgan

“I think people that are more over the top will have bigger costumes and people who are kind of quiet may not do anything. If someone really wants to do something and they’re more quiet, it’s a way to stand out or show their personality,” said Maya Brazil, a freshman. 

As students start to create their costumes and brainstorm ideas, they still need to keep in mind the dress code for school.

The school prohibits students from wearing masks and potentially dangerous items such as chains and spikes. Students may also not wear costumes that are offensive in any way, shape, or form.

Although this limits student creativity, it has the students’ safety and feelings at heart. Dress code is always enforced, no matter the celebration or event. However, there are plenty of other ways for students to be clever and come up with a breathtaking costume.

Students dress up in a variety of Halloween costumes, ranging from animals to vampires.

“It’s important to follow Carlmont’s dress code policies with Halloween costumes to make sure the costumes aren’t creating a distraction towards a school environment,” Sjoerd Huitema, a junior, said.

Even with the school dress code in place, the amount of spirit at Carlmont this Halloween is sure to be un‘boo’lievable.

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