Students eagerly await spring break

Alyssa Fagel, Highlander Editor

With spring break less than 24 hours away, Carlmont students have expressed their eagerness for their last real “break” before summer vacation.

Something that has made this spring break more desirable this year than in past years for students remaining in the Bay Area is the warm weather in local cities. The Weather Channel’s forecast from April 13 to 17 showed an estimated 68 degree high as the average temperature for the week.

The clear blue skies of the Bay Area
The clear blue skies of the Bay Area

Sophomore Lauren McDonnell said, “For me, this is the perfect weather. It’s not too hot to play soccer, but it’s not too cold to go to the beach with my friends.”

But just because the weather is nice doesn’t mean people have to spend their week off outdoors.

Junior Brittany Zelnik, for example, is just excited to spend a few days free of the busyness brought on by the second semester of her junior year.

Zelnik said, “I’ve been counting down the days until break for the last month. It will be nice having a week to catch up on sleep and other things I haven’t been able to do during the school week.”

Unlike McDonnell and Zelnik, junior Madison Norman will be on vacation in Boston for her spring break.

“I’m going there with my family to look at colleges. I’m really excited to take a break from school.”

Similarly, sophomore Natalie Kiyasu will also be leaving the Bay Area for break.

Kiyasu said, “I am going with the music program on a tour to Mexico, and after that [I’m] staying in Santa Monica and LA with my family.”

But even the excitement of warm weather, relaxation, and vacation haven’t made spring break a 100 percent stress-free week.

Norman said, “I have some finals and SAT subject tests right after the break. I’m really stressed because this means I’ll have to do a lot of work while on vacation.”

“I have a lot of homework and not much time to do it. It will be hard to truly enjoy my time off with the idea of homework sitting in the back of my mind,” Kiyasu said.

But overall, even the stress of homework and studying isn’t enough to deflate Norman and Kiyasu’s eagerness for their week off.

While the range of activities one can participate in over spring break varies widely, all Carlmont students have one thing in common. Next week will be their last full week off of school before the most desired event of the year: summer.