Students gain new experiences in the volleyball tournament


Rachel Hunter

Demarii Blanks, a junior, goes to set the ball to his teammates to spike for a point.

Rachel Hunter, Staff Writer

Everyone has their own favorite sport to watch and to play. One sport that many people find interesting is volleyball.

On April 4, the sophomore vs. junior class volleyball game made many people entertained and interested.

Tim Krassiev, a sophomore who watched the game, said, “Volleyball is a fun game to begin with and watching non-volleyball players attempt to play is interesting.”

According to the International Sports Federations, about 998 million people participate in volleyball worldwide.

In the gym during lunch, many people supported their grade by joining in the game as well.

Kaylee Leong, a sophomore who joined the activity, said, “I joined because I was interested in seeing how my class would do and how much talent we have in volleyball.”

The volleyball tournament brought many people to watch during lunch and originally allowed even more participants than the school volleyball team. 

Brett Fitzpatrick, a senior who helped run the activity, said, “We thought about making a tournament last year when Carlmont was trying to get a guys volleyball team. We were thinking that because guys can’t play volleyball, let’s make a lunchtime activity for them. So that’s how it originated. But then boys volleyball became a thing at Carlmont, so we opened it up to guys and girls who aren’t on the school teams.”