Students who love music join the Dynamics Music Club


Karim Abedrabbo

The members of the Dynamics Music Club are ready to perform.

Ethan Wong, Staff Writer

Carlmont has a variety of clubs relating to music, but the Dynamics Music Club (DMC) isn’t like the others.

The DMC was started in 2010, by a group of students who wanted to spread their passion of music by performing and to have a positive impact on the community.

Since then, the club has been expanding, acquiring more members and a larger variety of musicians. The DMC was brought to Carlmont in hopes of recruiting even more members. The club currently has ten members.

Sophomore Austin Mayerhofer said, “We play music for local senior centers and at various events. We perform once a month and we play for the community.”

The club has a variety of different musicians, ranging from pianists to violinists to percussionists. They perform every month at different locations as a charity performance.

“We perform for out of school events. We perform for seniors mainly, but we also have fundraisers and other special events.  We have several different musicians. I play the guitar and sing, while other members play piano, violin, and other instruments.

Each performance lasts about two to four hours, consisting of musicians each performing two to three songs each.

Mayerhofer said, “Some of our performances are for community service, as we raise money towards a good cause. Other times, we perform at places like the Belmont library just to play music and perform for others. This summer we are performing during a run for cancer, where we will try and raise a $1000 for the organisation.”

In 2012, the DMC performed a benefit concert and raised over $2000 for the Charter school’s principal to get the liver transplant that he needed.

The DMC has helped students grow as musicians and as people, allowing students to step outside of their comfort zones and play instruments for others.

Mariano said, “My experience with this club has been great. This club has helped me explore music and put myself out there. I’ve gotten more comfortable performing in front of crowds, and the club has furthered my interest in playing music.”

Mayerhofer said, “I’ve gotten a lot better at piano, and a lot better at speaking to people. It’s been a great experience for me in this club.”

The DMC has also received recognition for its accomplishments, as it has been mentioned in local newspapers twice so far.

If you’re interested in joining, speak to Ms. Martin in the studio theater. The DMC meets once a month in the college career center.