Tap Club started and somewhat continued

Photo courtesy of The Art of Simple

Photo courtesy of The Art of Simple

Gianna Schuster, ScotCenter Student Interviews

With so many opportunities for clubs and extracurriculars at hand, starting a club is a great way for students to get involved with exactly what they are looking for.

Earlier in the school year, sophomore Annie Klups and juniors Leah Roe and Karissa Tom started Carlmont’s first Tap Club.

Photo courtesy of The Art of Simple
Photo courtesy of The Art of Simple

These three students all share a passion for dancing, so creating a club based on what they love was an ideal outlet.

“We really wanted to perform at the Heritage Fair, and being in a club was the way to do that,” said Roe.

Although Tap Club quickly gained members after the course fair, Roe said, “Considering that we are not doing very much right now, I would say we kind of failed.”

Tap Club did not remain consistent with meetings and events that were planned at the start of the club.

This was not due to a loss of interest or a loss of members, however.

Roe stated, “It definitely was not that hard organizing everything and getting it started, but we just didn’t really go through with it when things came down to it.”

With a jam-packed high school schedule, it is complicated to juggle so many things at once.

“Us juniors in high school and we’re busy. It kind of sucks, but there’s always next year,” said Roe.

Tap Club never officially ended, but nothing much is done for it.

As for Tap Club’s promotion, spreading the word about a club on the rise is a challenge due to all the other clubs that are in the process of getting started.

Junior Brian Palma said that, “Karissa brought me over to the Tap Club meeting with her. It was never really announced in the announcements and they didn’t put up posters. I just heard about it from people.”

Although there were conflicts, the Tap Club leaders caught the eyes of students with the leadership skills that it took them to start the club in the first place.

“It’s cool to see how they have self-motivation and that they’re ambitious,” said Palma.

For students who are driven to start their own club, Roe said, “Go through with your club if you want to do it.”