The Creative reWriters


Isabella Paragas, Illustrator and Staff Writer

[/media-credit]Isabella Paragas | Scot Scoop News

True to the club’s name, the members work on one another’s creative works, such as poems and short stories.

They strive to improve everyone’s writing skills and works to create a friendly student-to-student environment that members feel comfortable with sharing their writing.

“It’s a chance for the student to get critical advice in a friendly setting so that they don’t feel overwhelmed or bullied in any way,” explains president Sara Dumanske.

Though poetry is not everyone’s cut of tea, Dumanske explains that student’s writing will improve with the help of the club.

“It’s helped me become the writer that I am now,” commented Dumanske. ” I’ve personally seen the improvements made in the writing skills of some of the members.”

As well as helping students “rewrite” their works, they also select and compile poems submitted to be published in the school’s magazine.

Not many students  have heard of Carlmont’s poetry magazine. Though the magazine is not publicized as much as the club would like, last year was one of magazine’s more competitive years.

“We take the best [of the entries], [however] there’s not really a limit,” said Dumanske.

Though, no matter what form of writing students enjoy, the club encourages any and all forms of writing.

“We focus on creative writing but we accept really any form of writing you want to submit. We love them all!” exclaimed Dumanske.

The club meets every Thursday at lunch in A16. Talk to any of the members or one of the advisers; Ms.Wallace or John Parker-Campbell for even more information about the club and its activities.

Students are not required to be a member of the club to ask for editing help or for submitting poetry to be published in the school’s magazine.

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