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Some students pick up the camera instead of pursuing other hobbies, such as dance and other sports.

Students use YouTube as a means of self-expression

May 28, 2019

A creative outlet is something many students seek as a way to express their feelings. Commonly, students do this by taking a dance class, piano lessons, or drawing. More young...

Juliana Rinaldi holds the microphone out for a response from the crowd from her band's set during Carlmont Con, May 2019.

Carlmont Con allows students to share creative content

May 20, 2019

Carlmont Con, an event organized by ASB President Valerie Wang, was presented as a quasi-music festival. However, this one would exclusively feature the creative content of Carlmont...

Redwood City's new community event incorporates a replica of the Golden Gate in their family orientated mini-golf course.

Redwood City’s mini-golf event attracts participants of all ages with their creative decor

March 7, 2019

In the heart of Redwood City, a new, local family attraction has been put up. For a limited time, the city has created an indoor miniature-golf course for all ages to come and...

Shields paints one of his original metal creations. He began to work as an artist after his previous jobs as a mime and actor.

Harvest Festival inspires creative spirit

November 15, 2018

With technology becoming more prevalent in society, it can be hard to find traditional art that still resonates with people. The annual Harvest Festival celebrates small businesses and artists alike....

Odyssey of the Mind club members gather to prepare for their upcoming creativity competition during one of their regular Tuesday lunch meetings in room B3.

Odyssey of the Mind Club sparks student creativity

March 4, 2018

Among the hundreds of diverse clubs at Carlmont, the Odyssey of the Mind Club shines through their involvement in creativity competitions and their passion to embrace students’ ...

Sophomore Caroleene Block dressed up for meme day as the confused math lady.

Meme day at Carlmont sparks creativity

February 2, 2018

Meme Day encouraged students to think outside the box and go out on a limb to create fun costumes to wear to school. There were so many options of memes for each person to cho...

Members of Creative reWriters gather to discuss future plans in the colorful room of Mrs. Wallace.

Creative reWriters helps students take a closer look at their writing

May 16, 2017

Since the early 2000s, a variety of students have come to show off their writing pieces in Creative reWriters. The club is a valued place for authors to bring in their original...

Sophomore Patrick Martin demonstrates how he prepared for his audition.

Drama classes provide creative outlet

March 6, 2017

The perfect monologue has been chosen and memorized. The character’s mannerisms have been perfected at last. The fear of auditioning is washed out with a love of performing a...

Students who use online forums to share their art and photography have to stay alert to the uses and distribution of their creative property in order to stay aware and in control.

Guard your creative property closely

December 3, 2014

In the words of musician Taylor Swift, "art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for." Yahoo does not appear to agree,...

Students work diligently on web projects.

Web design allows students to be creative and tech-savvy

September 8, 2014

The world is run by technology and its unlimited amount of information made accessible for all people. Due to the advancement of technology and the internet, Carlmont offers classes...

The Art Club works on projects throughout the year

Art Club highlights students’ creative sides

March 9, 2014

Carlmont’s Art Club has seen significant changes over the years. From a new art building, to new teachers, to new equipment, to new students, the club has evolved since its cr...

Where the club meets

Creative reWriters Club critiques and inspires

January 24, 2014

"Bring in the stuff you wrote, and let's learn how to edit, and edit, and edit." This is the main goal of the Creative reWriters club, according to club co-advisor and special...

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