The road to a future of equality


Maddie Standlee

Sophomores Kaylee Moropoulos and Izzy Bruguera pose with their whiteboard message at an activity during 2016 gender equality week.

Izzy Lunderman, Staff Writer

Gender equality week, coming up in March, was created in hopes of spreading equality throughout campus.

The week was created by the human resources commission of ASB and is devoted to making all genders feel they are accepted in society and to encourage people to eliminate negative stereotypes of different genders.

Last year’s gender equality week had a positive outcome with many supporters joining the cause.

Sophomore Maddie Standlee, a human resources commissioner, said, “Gender equality has always been really important to me. Last year, we were able to collect a lot of helpful feedback that we [ASB] hope will make this year’s gender equality week really successful.”

During last year’s gender equality week, ASB helped advocate for gender equality through face paint, whiteboard messages, and many more activities.

“I feel really empowered as a woman after planning gender equality week. I hope other people feel the need for equality in the way we view both women and men,” said Standlee.

Many Carlmont students are dedicated to making sure their peers feel safe and accepted.

Sophomore Theo Korolev said, “I think living in California allows Carlmont students to be more accepting to gender equality as well as other things. I feel like gender equality is important and definitely something society as a whole should improve on.”