This month in history: January

This month in history: January

[media-credit id=11 align=”aligncenter” width=”300″][/media-credit]We experience different, crazy things happening in our world today that are bound to end up in future history textbooks. Here are some interesting things you may not have known before that have happened in our history in the month of January.

January 3, 1959: Alaska becomes the 49th state admitted to the Union

January 4, 1999: The euro is founded as a new currency in Europe

January 5, 1933: Work begins on the iconic Golden Gate Bridge

January 7, 1776: First United States presidential election takes place

January 10, 1946: First meeting of the United Nations is held

January 11, 1908: Theodore Roosevelt makes the Grand Canyon a national monument

January 15, 1967: First Superbowl is held in which the Packers beat the Chiefs

January 16, 1919: Prohibition of alcohol takes effect in hopes of reduced crime rate; yet it increase crime and the ban was lifted in 1933

January 20, 1937: F.D.R inaugurated for his second time as president and starts the tradition of the official Inauguration Day being held on January 20

January 23, 1957: Toy company, Wham-O, produces first frisbees

January 24, 1848: Gold is first discovered at Stutter’s Creek, California

January 28, 1986: Space shuttle, Challenger, explodes after only being in the air for 73 seconds

January 30, 1948: Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated