January 21, 2021

Carl Bussiek, a sophomore, works to restore a forgotten trail at the Carlmont Jumps. (Hayes Gaboury)

Of course, the biggest part of the jumps is the trails themselves. Everything ranging from steep rocky sections to large jumps to smooth flow sections can be found at the Carlmont Jumps. Some of the more popular trails include Utter Delight, Jack Daniels, DMC, and the Carlmont Main Trail.

Not only are the trails of great quality, but there are also constantly dig crews creating new features and reviving old forgotten trails in the winter months.

“It’s a chance to give back to those that built before you and the community in general. Carlmont wouldn’t be the place it is if people didn’t bring shovels up the hill and dig for a day,” said Carl Bussiek, a sophomore and active builder at the jumps.  

This responsibility of maintaining Carlmont has been passed down over the years as people’s lives take them further away from the park itself. With the older riders moving out to attend colleges or pursue other careers, the future of Carlmont now lies in the younger generation’s hands.

However, the future is nothing short of bright, as the recent boom of mountain biking has ensured a long-lasting community to preserve Carlmont for years to come. With many of Carlmont High School’s own students participating in large scale building projects, there seems to be no lull in the maintenance of Carlmont. 


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