Bizarre weather to continue for Bay Area

Bizarre weather to continue for Bay Area

Mar. 18 – Carlmont students were packing up and getting ready to leave their 4th period for lunch when suddenly, an announcement came on the intercom stating a tornado warning had been issued to the entire San Mateo County. Teachers were advised to keep their students indoors and away from all windows.

[VIDEO: Carlmont High School featured on ABC 7 News]

“I didn’t think it was real,” said freshman Sarah Heflen. “I thought it was only a drill. Tornadoes should only happen in the Midwest like with Dorothy.”

Although tornadoes are known to usually form over flat regions of land during warm weather, a weak tornado had formed and passed through the hilly and cold San Mateo area. However, the tornado had never touched the ground.

The intense rain showers and gushing winds came after a beautiful, sunny spring day. This stormy weather is expected to worsen on Sunday in comparison to Friday’s conditions, and it will continue to storm all through next week.

Freshman student Zack Beauchamp expressed very negative feelings towards the stormy weather. “I detest all the rain, I’m all ready for summer but every time it starts getting warmer it storms again.”

Sophomore student Jeff Sudmeier agreed with Beauchamp. “All the rain is really annoying,” said Sudmeier. “I’m a huge skater, and when it’s raining I can’t skate. I’ve also always hated the rain, it’s just irritating to get wet during school or when walking home.”

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