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Many may not know about the struggles that plague some residents of the Half Moon Bay shores.

The struggles of living impoverished within the Bay Area

February 12, 2019

The Bay Area is one of the most diverse places in the entire world to live. It includes Silicon Valley and San Francisco, centers of technological innovation in the US, as well a...

Smoke hovers over a Redwood Shores Lagoon. Because of the smoke, Carlmont High School was canceled for Friday, Nov. 16 and students, many of whom reside in Redwood Shores, were advised to stay home.

Smoke on the water: Bay Area shelters from Camp Fire smoke

November 16, 2018

As of Nov. 15, the Bay Area has the worst air quality in the world. In this breaking news piece, we answer your most pressing questions about the smoke invading our communities, including Carlmont's response to canceling school and how you can help victims.

This gas station in Belmont, Calif. shows average gas prices per gallon for different types of gasoline.

Increasing gas prices fuel problems for teens

September 25, 2018

For adults with full-time careers, a spike in gas prices is frustrating yet manageable. However, teenagers across the Bay Area are struggling to fund their transportation. ...

Plastic cups and straws found on the beach demonstrate the urgency for environmental reform.

Bay Area restaurants move toward eco-friendly status

September 10, 2018

You are at the coffee shop you visit every morning as an essential step in your routine. You order a decaf iced mocha, wait by the pick-up counter, and receive your coffee when...

Surf champion, Dede Suryana, rides a wave filled with trash in Indonesia.

Landfill is adding up in the Bay Area

June 15, 2018

At the end of the week, every homeowner piles up their trash and puts it in a black bin on their sidewalk to be collected. That next morning, a truck arrives and makes it all disap...

 On Oct. 29, 2017, Grandma's Cat performed at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

Grandma’s Cat rocks the Bay Area

January 18, 2018

The lights shine down on the center of the stage. The audience waits as the band makes their final adjustments. With the first note played, the show begins. But this isn’t a big-time band, it...

The Belmont fire station is just one of many local departments to produce volunteers heading to the Ventura fires in Southern California.

Southern California fires impact Bay Area

December 19, 2017

The creek fires in Southern California have had a significant impact on the local fire departments over the past week. Based on the severity of weather conditions created as a result...

A Christmas tree with a price that many are not used to seeing.

Bay Area Christmas tree prices soar as Christmas tree shortage arises

November 30, 2017

As thousands of Bay Area families prepare to purchase their "perfect Christmas tree," many may be shocked by the stickered prices on every tree. Prices for Christmas trees have...

The San Andreas fault is where many minor earthquakes happen and where a major earthquake could occur in the future.

Minor California earthquake furthers fear of natural disasters

November 15, 2017

Fires. Floods. Earthquakes. This is what residents in the Bay Area and California have been forced to prepare for and may have to endure. In the recent years, California...

As the Bay Area experienced extreme heat, many San Francisco residents were treated to fiery, red sunsets that occurred as a result of the heat.

Bay Area boils during weekend heat wave

September 7, 2017

106 degrees in San Francisco. That’s a statement most Bay Area residents would not expect to hear, but it became reality on Sept. 1. Scorching hot weather plagued the who...

Renting an apartment in the Bay Area is costly. As such, some Bay Area residents, such as teacher Paula Washington, create a monthly budgets to make sure they budgets their income appropriately while living in the expensive Bay Area.

For some, living in the Bay Area is unaffordable

May 15, 2017

In the expensive Bay Area, every penny is spent carefully by San Francisco school teacher, Paula Washington*. And she's not the only one. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, an income for a family of fou...

Children often show their appreciation for their mothers by getting them a gift or making homemade cards.

Students celebrate Mother’s Day

May 15, 2017

On May 14, people around the world celebrated Mother's Day. Mother's Day is an international holiday celebrating and honoring mothers and the art of motherhood. According to...

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