What to watch


Michael Bastaki, Highlander Editor

Most high school students don’t have enough time to even watch television.

Their lives are repetitive, dreary days with athletic obligations intertwined with academic obligations.

However, for those lucky ones who are actually able to switch on the T.V., here are the four most popular shows on television.

Number one is NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service), which is about a team of special agents who investigate the deaths of servicemen/ servicewomen in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.

NCIS is a spinoff from JAG (Judge Advocate General) which was a court based drama that focused less on the investigative side of a criminal investigation than NCIS.

Many of the characters from JAG were recruited to act in NCIS.

“There always was a plot. It kept me interested and I liked the characters. DiNozzo is my favorite character,” stated sophomore Mitchell Wright.

The number two show is the Big Bang Theory, which centers on five characters: Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Howard Wolowitz, and Raj Koothrappali.

This show is a humorous drama, as the nerdiness of the males in this show is contrasted by Penny’s social skills.

“It’s really funny the actors are really good. It’s a really funny and nerdy show. My favorite character is Sheldon,” stated sophomore Mackenna Galicia.

The number three show is NCIS Los Angeles, which is a spinoff of NCIS.

This show has a similar plot to NCIS, but tends to have more complex and complicated problems that the agents work to solve.

This show has crossed over a few times to work with Hawaii Five-O, which is a police drama.

The number four television show is Person of Interest, which is based on a screenplay developed by Jonathan Nolan.

The show is about a billionaire who recruits a former CIA agent to prevent violent crimes in New York City.

“It’s interesting, there are some television shows where you have to watch every single show for it all to make sense, but this T.V. show will make sense even if you’re a first time viewer. At the beginning of the show, the machine predicts the number of the person who’s life is in danger,” said sophomore Danielle Al-Abed.

So if one ever liberates themselves from their work, here are some quality shows to help one unwind.