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A Brief History of a Long War: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

A Brief History of a Long War: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Zachary Khouri, Staff Writer

February 25, 2019

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Introduction 116,074 lives. That’s how many the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has ended. Most have heard of the conflict, but few know what it means — for Palestinians, for Israelis, and the part that the U.S. plays. It’s a story that spans generations and marks one of the longest conflicts in modern history.  Here in America While 48 percent of American adults sympathize with Israel, only 13 percent are in support of Palestine. However, this leaves 39 percent of the populace unaccounted for, a 39 percent who only know the bare details of the conflict, if at all. Despite many Americans' views on Palestine-Israel, the midterms of 2018 made way for the first Muslim Palestinian woman, Rashida Tlaib, to be sworn into office this year using the Quran.  However, she has faced numerous criticism from Israeli lobbyist Adam Milstein after voicing support for Palestinian activists and calling for the impeachment of President Trump. Yet, according to CNN, Tliab is aware of her critics. "My mere existence, I realize, no matter my positions, even if I didn't say anything about any issue after I won, just complete silence from me, I would still be a target," Tliab said. Although the U.S., has, over the years, been key to the progression of the conflict, they have, as of late, taken a step back. Meanwhile, in Europe, France has drafted an initiative and the UN a resolution, both of which are...

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