‘1989’ shows Taylor Swift’s change to pop

1989 sold 1.287 million copies in the first week it was released.


“1989” sold 1.287 million copies in the first week it was released.

Kiera Pendleton-White, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift has finally graduated from her country-girl roots with her new album “1989.”

“1989” is the first album that Swift has fully placed under the pop genre instead of country.

“I liked her country music, but I also really like this,” said junior Kate Bryan.

The entire album is very easy to listen to, perhaps as a result of the 80s influence over Swift as she wrote this album. “1989” has an ethereal feel to it with the use of an electric sound in a majority of the songs.

The beginning of the album has a weak start with its first song “Welcome to New York.” The song was highly repetitive and felt like it would never end.

However, in another song called “Out Of The Woods,” Swift skillfully uses repetitive lyrics to create a sense of urgency to the song.

Swift also uses the album to make a statement to the media and the people against her. In “Blank Space,” Swift plays upon the ideal that the media has of her on her dating life.

In “Shake It Off,” Swift sends a message to her haters that she does not care about what they think because they do not know really know her.

But of course, like her other albums, this one also features the same type of songs that Swift is known for — the songs about her past relationships.

“Clean” is about getting away from a relationship because it made her feel like she was drowning.

On the deluxe edition of the album, “New Romantics” is about getting over the haters and being proud of having felt heartbreak because of her relationships.

Overall, the album was extremely easy to listen to and her songs about ignoring the media and the haters are empowering. There may have been a few weaker songs on the album, but the amount of great songs on the album seems to cancel out the bad.

Swift’s transition to pop is bringing about a change that I think Swift will thrive in, and I’m eager to see what she will release next.