‘Adventure Time’ has a story underneath the silliness

*Spoiler Alert*

Despite the series emphasis on silly shenanigans, there is also a dark setting that is only obvious in some episodes.


Despite the series’ emphasis on silly shenanigans, there is also a dark setting that is only obvious in some episodes.

Karen Gao, Staff Writer

Though the series’ main focus is seems to be whimsical shenanigans, there is actually a dark and complex story behind “Adventure Time.”

This show takes place in a world with strange creatures that are a result of a nuclear war that brought about the end of the world, with a boy named Finn being the last human alive.

The overall feel is generally cheerful and silly, but as the series progresses, it is revealed how mutations and magic infected all life on Earth due to the nuclear radiation and war, which resulted in the main setting.

After being defeated by Finn, the powerful and evil Lich is reborn as Sweet P, with no memories of the horrible crimes he has committed before.

Despite the lighthearted beginning of the most recent episode, it is shown that the Lich still resides in Sweet P, but only comes out when he is under emotional stress. This episode ties the darker side of the series to the main events as the audience realizes that the Lich is dormant and waiting to be freed.

Multiple episodes focus on the history of the setting, such as the upheaval of modern human society by the nuclear war, as well as the connections different characters have to it.

Many characters have relationships and connections to things from the past that are hinted at and emphasized throughout the show, giving the pieces of a large puzzle that has yet to be solved.

“Adventure Time” was one of the first modern animated series to delve this deep into the actual plot and reason behind the setting and allow older audiences to enjoy it just as much as the younger generation.

There are many random storylines that have no contribution purpose in the main plot, but there is still a constant buildup that the creators include that makes this series much more than a children’s cartoon.

And yes, it is on Netflix.

4.5 / 5 stars