Ang’s longtime dedication to the violin


Photo provided by Siobhan Ang

Hana Wong, Staff Writer

Sophomore Siobhan Ang has been dedicated to playing the violin ever since she was 4 years old.

“I started playing the violin because my parents told me to and because my brother was already playing it for a really long time,” said Ang.

Since she was in fourth grade, Ang has been enthusiastic about playing violin in various orchestras.

When Ang was 11 years old, she tried out for the Peninsula Youth Orchestra and was admitted into the group. From there, Ang has grown into a skilled violinist.

“I believe Siobhan has worked really hard to get to where she’s at with the violin. She’s spent a lot of time and effort over the years to get to where she is now,” said sophomore Brittany Cheung.

Throughout her years in middle school, Ang was one of the best violinists in Ralston Middle School’s orchestra. At the end of her eighth grade year, Ang tried out for Carlmont’s Symphony Orchestra.

At the beginning of freshman year, her classmates already felt Ang’s positive attitude in class.

“Siobhan is always enthusiastic about playing the violin when in and out of class. I see her the same way even when we’re spending time on the weekends for PYO,” said junior Kevin Shu.

After years of practicing and performing, Ang has grown found of the instrument her parents put her in.

“It hasn’t always been easy with sacrificing my free time to practice or my weekends to go perform. It would kind of be a waste if I just stopped now all of the sudden, luckily I’ve grown to like playing it,” said Ang.

In the future, Ang hopes to audition in college and possibly major in music.

“I think from playing the violin, Siobhan has learned commitment and persistence. In terms of college, that could help her get a double major and count as an extracurricular,” said sophomore Adrienne Chin.

Ang is excited to see where her music will take her in the future and what she can accomplish with it.



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