Animation Club sparks creativity


Jonathan Yip

President Jonathan Yip’s artwork as a product of Animation Club advertises the Digital Arts class.

Maxwell Jung, Staff Writer

Anyone who loves to animate, or just art in general, was pleased to find the new club that was created this year.

The Animation Club was introduced to Carlmont this year under Club Presidents Jonathan Yip and Kyle Dimick. The club meets every Friday in F10, and students can learn how to animate with tutorials for beginners run by Yip, play around with the animation software, or kick back and watch the animated film such as Disney Pixar’s “Finding Dory,”which was shown at the last few lunch meetings. Although the concept of an Animation Club is somewhat simple, Yip created the club for a reason much more complex.

“I created this club because I saw a lack of creativity in the school, and I wanted to make a way for people to express their creativity with animation,” said Yip.

Yip has achieved his goal this year, as several members have already expanded their creativity through the art of animation. One of the club officers, sophomore Ayden Smith, also has a passion for creativity, so he joined when he saw the club.

Smith said, “The thing that I like about animation is that there are so many things that you can do with it.”

With live action filmmaking, there are limits to what a director can accomplish, but with animation, the only limitation is the creator’s creativity.

Yip and Dimick also didn’t want the club to be only for those experienced in animation, so Yip decided to lead demos and tutorials sometimes during the club for those who were interested. Animation Club is perfect for those who do not have the time to take digital arts as an elective, as the club is an easy way to introduce yourself to animation and learn the fundamentals.

Sophomore and club member Chris Alvarez said, “Starting out at Animation Club, I really wanted to learn the basics of animation, and it was really helpful because the president Jonathan Yip would give presentations, and he would work one-on-one with you.”

The Animation Club is a place for members to set their creative juices flowing, as well as a place to learn.

Below are some examples of what have been created in Animation so far.