Art Club highlights students’ creative sides


The Art Club works on projects throughout the year

Danielle Schneider, Staff Writer

Carlmont’s Art Club has seen significant changes over the years. From a new art building, to new teachers, to new equipment, to new students, the club has evolved since its creation nearly a decade ago.

However, that’s not to say that the club’s goals have changed. According to senior Zo Higgins, Art Club’s mission is, simply put, “to do art and have fun.”

This is reflected in the general vibe of the club, which sophomore Chelsea Stewart describes as “energetic, random, loud, and fun.”

Higgins said that “it’s like hanging out, but you get to do art at the same time.”

Despite a casual mood, the club has completed a myriad of projects over the years. Senior and Art Club president Brendan Kain said, “We have assignments that we work on the whole year. This year we’re working on a stencil to go on to the snack shack wall.” A few years ago, the club completed a mural.

The club has always had serious members who are dedicated to art. Nonetheless, club members have dwindled over the past few years. “My first year in the club there were about 50 members and this room would be packed with kids. The year after that, there were 20, and this year there are about seven,” said Kain.

Although members have decreased, Stewart said, “it’s fun to be with people who enjoy the same kind of stuff you do.”

Those who are current members are consistent with their reasons for joining the club. Higgins, who joined just this year, said, “I’m going to art school in the fall and I do enjoy art, so being in the club is kind of an added bonus.”

“I started to join in freshman year, but I didn’t take an art class then,” said Stewart, who now regularly attends meetings. “I’m now in studio art and like to oil paint, create stencils, and work on murals.”

“I like the project that we’re doing this year,” said Kain, who says that the projects are really “what Art Club is all about.”

Art Club meets each Friday in room F22, with Cynthia Hodges and Tina Condos as its staff advisors.