Another successful Pops Concert by Carlmont Choirs

Sonia Paulo, Staff Writer

Carlmont had another successful Pops concert this year, with a nearly sold-out show and performances from the Women’s, Men’s, Concert, Chamber, Treble Clef and Melodynamics choirs.

This year, Choir sang a wide range of songs that had the audience swaying along to the beat. The line up included songs such as I’ll Make a Man Out Of You, originally from the Disney movie Mulan, the James Bond theme song, and even songs as versatile as Home Sweet Home, originally sung by Motley Crue.

The wide range of songs and genres preformed  appealed to every kind of music taste and helped add to the show.

“I liked the variety of genres and music time periods that were represented,” said Lisa Paulo who was among those in the audience.

Another highlight from the show was the display of the vocal abilities held in the individual choir students through the use of featured solos. Students such as Gigi Vlahos, Tara Callan, Maggie Donaldson, Sarah Boro, and many more were all selected after auditioning to sing solo on various pieces to showcase their talent.

“Solos in general are really fun because you have the whole audiences attention,” said soloist Gigi Vlahos when asked about her performance. “Even though I was really nervous I have so many people that support me and all my fellow choir members always make me feel better,” added Vlahos.

The performance of Starships was a favorite among the crowd as well. Most likely because of another type of vocal talent displayed, the rapping and beat boxing performed by Tommaso Ferme and Pj Afu.

The use of different kinds of vocal abilities added variation to the show, and was different from the regular choir concert, adding to the pop theme of the show.

The overall ambiance of the show also added to the entertainment. The decal of a plane projected over the choir as they sang to go along with the theme of adventure added a nice touch.

Along with that, small dancing numbers were preformed by the choir students as they sang, such as tap dancing during Spirit of Adventure and the dance number when singing the Newsies melody.

“Performing the Newsies melody was probably my favorite part of the performance,” said Emilie Andersson, “even though my ankle really hurt, I decided to go out on stage and dance like I was fine because I love doing it.”

The 2013 Passport to Adventure Pops Concert can claim the title as another successful show. Overall the audience was very pleased. The performance had a great variety of music and massive vocal talent.

The Melodynamics finish off their Newsies medley.
The Melodynamics finish off their Newsies medley.